No books for Ted!

So went into Dublin today to get what I hoped were at least the first couple if not more C S Forrester books. I failed. Chapters did not have them in their new book section or the second hand section. A well I will just have to keep and eye out for them as time goes by.
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Christmas present enjoyed.

So I go Hornblower - The Complete Collection for Christmas and have been watching them over the past week. Much like the Sharpe's stories the Hornblower series follows the adventures of a young man during the Napoleonic wars. While Sharpe is fighting in Spain for most of his stories, Hornblower is at sea as you would expect a navel officer to be.

We follow him from his very beginnings as a midshipman to his final promotion to Captain. It is an enjoyable series that I will watch over again and I hope that there will be more of them. The author of the series C. S. Forester has written 11 stories only the first three of them have been turned into tv movies, if I understand the information on wikipedia. So there is plenty of material to draw from for more movies.

My plan I think at this point is to go over to my local library and see if the have the books and read them all as I rather like the stories. If the library somehow fails me perhaps amazon will save me.
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Hapy new year and thank god that one is over.

Well here is hoping that everyone has had a great holiday season and may you have an even better 2009! Lots of ups and downs last year but made it through and looking forward to 2009. In a small attempt to catch up on recipes promised to the every wonderful Sammywol behind the cut you will find a recipe for Faux Gumbo as presented in the New complete cook book by weight watchers. It is a nice gumbo and I have doctored it up a bit with more chicken, shrimp and kielbasa, but I have posted the original recipe here as I feel that it is always best to start with the original recipe and then play around. :) So with out further ado Collapse )
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something new

So my in-laws went to France last week and brought back Dijon mustard and herbes de Provence back for me. So today I decided to use the salmon portions that we got from the Lidle and try something new.

So lay down a piece of tin foil and put a generous portion of baby spinach leaves down. Then take your salmon portion and place it on top. Next sprinkle the herbes de provence on the salmon. Take a teaspoon or so of the dijon mustard and put a line of it along the salmon. Close up the tin foil and put into a 350 degree oven for about 15 minutes. Depending on the thickness of your salmon portions you might need a little more time or a little less time in the oven.

Now to go with this I made a simple mushroom risotto.

I plated the risotto and then with a spatula put the spinach on top. Then drizzled any juice left over the top of everything.

I have to say it turned out smashingly well if I do say so myself.

So what do you do if you can't find herbes de provence? Well the ingredients in this version is thyme, basil, savory, fennel seeds, and lavender flowers. You might be able to find it in the fancy area of the spice section of your supermarket.
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Not dead yet! And boy do we have good friends

So I have not been writing as I have been working but soon I will be back at the whole writing thing. On the food side Catie and I just got a Creole care package from
J.G. Jones. He sent us real Louisiana Hot sauce, Creole seasoning, and Gumbo File. I can not get those things in Ireland, or I have not found them anywhere yet, and was not expecting them to come in the mail. But now I have them and my Faux Gumbo that I have been making will now be real honest to god gumbo. I can not wait to get to Longford now so I can make batch of it. Oh the taste buds are a quiver.

On the cooking front, the job at the nursing home has shown me that I don't hate cooking which is great. So we will see what we will see on the job front in Longford. Maybe I will find part time work as a chef and see how the whole writing thing goes.

On the local front spent a wonderful evening over at Sammywol's and Mylescorcoran's house,
we had tea and talked for several hours. It was nice to game geek with someone else for a change. Mizkit is great and listens but really just wants to know did I hit the thing or not. :)

Cheers for now

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Food Friday!

So not been doing much since I got back from moving the in-laws. The lovely nephews donated another new cold to the immune systems so I have been sick all week. :P So have not done any writing at all and really not done much of anything but trying to cough a lung out. However on the job front I have taken employment at the CareChoice Montenotte as a part time chef. It is only for a month but we will see what happens. They work daylight hours so no late nights which is a plus.

But here is the recipe for Collapse )

Still here!

Well that was a fun couple of days. I have now seen two more counties in Ireland that I had not seen before, and I must say Ireland continues to be a beautiful country. The in-laws are now moved from North City Dublin to Longford town. Their new house is huge. Anyway I managed to write both on the train ride up to and the train ride back from Dublin. So I really am only a day behind in writing.

Current word count: 5593

Third time is the charm

So here I am again making a go at this whole posting thing. So to sum up the last ugh year and a half: quit job found new job quit new job and now looking for next new job. There quick and dirty. I have discovered that being a full time chef leaves very little in the way of time for anything else. Furthermore being a chef makes me like cooking less and less everyday so in order to save my love of cooking I have decided to go back into IT.

Yes believe it or not IT had better hours than cooking and well I want a life not just a job. So off to the land of unemployment and the hunt for and IT job begins.

On other fronts I have decided to take my up my wife's challenge to just sit down and write it myself. I have discovered that my wife does not write fast enough to keep up with the many book ideas I have and well if I ever want to see some of these ideas in print I either have to find another writer to pimp them out to or write them myself. Now it might come as a shock to most people out there but most writers have enough ideas of their own and don't need any one else to suggest ideas to them. I know what a shock, I was surprised too!

Needless to say one of the ideas that I came up with last year and I even went so far as to outline the chapters and everything has decided that it wants to be written now. So I have started to write my fist book.

It is very interesting to write a book when you have for years run role playing games. In my mind the npcs are always there the setting is there and what I am waiting for is the pcs to fill in the great big grey blobs that represent the pcs to be filled in by the players.

I know it sounds weird but that is how I have always pictured my games. So for some strange reason instead of waiting on the pcs to show up and play all the characters are moving around in my head without any external prompting from the anyone else.

Makes writing a story a bit easier I think. :)

So anyway I sat down today and wrote 2100 words and well I have to make dinner so I think I will stop for the day.

On the food front meatloaf tonight. I love a good meatloaf and well they are just so easy to make.

And while I have to go up to Dublin for the next couple of days to help my in-laws move I am going to take my laptop with me and try and get a little writing done between heavy lifting.

Wish me luck I am going in.

word count to date: 2144

And I'm Off!!!

Ok well some would say I was always a little off, but in this case I have the weekend off. In fact I have three days off. Important note, I have not had a weekend off all summer. I know, I know I work in an industry that works while others play but geez a weekend off is nice every once in a while.

Anyway, the kitchen staff at the commodore is finally making some headway in getting the menus for all the food offerings done. And today I even ordered equipment to help us out, spending other people's money is fun!

So here is the new menu for the commodore O'Shea's Luncheon menu.

Two soups
Veg and chef's choice

Greek Salad
Buffalo wings
Vegetarian Lasagna
Chicken curry
chicken and ham with stuffing
Fish of the day
Roast of the day

Cheesecake of the day
Apple pie
chocolate fudge cake
Fresh fruit meringue nest
Selection of ice creams

Full sandwich bar with way to many selections to write here.

and gourmet sandwiches.

Boy are we going to be busy next week. The four full time chefs are working monday to cook all the recipes and see what we think of them. Should be fun.

As we get the recipes finished I might just post them here for consumption. Of course my lasagna is better but hey the put bechmel on their lasagna.?????? I don't get that.

See everyone monday


Right lets try this again

So it has been an incredible summer and the fall has started off nicely. In the three months I have worked at the commodore I have lost over a stone of weight. For my American readers a stone is 14 lbs. In fact I have lost closer to a stone and a half. How did I manage this, hard work, ie way to many hours and not enough sleep, food, or time to do much but work and sleep.

I am going to try and rededicate myself to posting when I get home from work and we will see what kind of food I can talk about.

We are working on a new lunch menu and well maybe I will publish the recipes for every ones enjoyment. Be warned the servings per recipe will be in the 15 to 20 range so some scaling will probably be needed.